august 2013 insta-dump

I'm always a little late on these. Going through August I can't believe time has gone by so fast! We spent a long weekend in Philly so there's a lot of that too...

There's a cafe that we finally tried out. It has such a groovy vibe with craft beer and coffee. So of course we were fans. And I was totally jealous of the green thumbs they were sporting. For locals, this was Christina's in Strasburg. Here's some finds we found the same day while antiquing. It was the perfect day. 

I jazzed up a chair that had seen better days with a sheepskin from Ikea. I love it!!

Locals go nuts for the annual yard crawl [including me]. We had such a fun time browsing this year even if we had to brave the rain. We found a local art gallery and I was in love with the rugs. I may have even asked if they were for sale. They weren't. But they may have inspired a later ebay search and purchase...

This is a find I wish I would've bought up considering it was only $5. Isn't it cool to find old recipes. Makes me think of all the parties those dishes attended and how they were passed person to person. Oh, pre-pinterest days!

The rug I bought! It ended up looking darker in 'real life' but I adore it. It hangs out in our hallway.

So... Philly! Although it was a trips with lots of ups and down's we really enjoyed ourselves. You can read about our experiences here and here. Above was the grooviest place to catch a bite [phs pop up garden]. Below is Cape May, NJ which I still owe you a little write up on! 

This was at the Japanese shofuso gardens. We loved it although it was a pretty small area. We fed the koi and it was just a nice quiet break from the city... in the city. 

The magical gardens was by far our favorite. Trash made into a city treasure? We dig it.

We snagged lunch at The Pop Shop in NJ outside of Philly as well. It's diner type food that has a "newspaper" style menu. And Bobby Flay had a cook off there. So that made me giddy.

And for all my fellow cat people out there... I leave you with Lolita:


  1. I'm such an Instagram junkie! I just can't quite it. I love that rug and the sheepskin on the chair :) xo Kristin

  2. Did you snag both of those chairs!?!? Lucky duck - they are amazing!

    1. Psh! I wish- they were over 100 each. I prefer to find people who have no idea what they have... taking advantage of the weak :p

  3. Love Lolita too, how cute!! And that rug is awesome!


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