things to do in Philly, part II

Last time I talked about our trip to Philly, we left off in the bad part of town. Don't worry though, we redeemed ourselves the next day by finding some great things to get into. And not getting lost. We started the day off with Philly's version of the Brooklyn Flea. It was much smaller than I expected but I still managed to find a lot of great goodies! 

We had breakfast at Darling's Diner. It was adorable inside with a mix of modern and vintage but we ended up eating on the back patio. The view wasn't spectacular but the food was. I had a simple breakfast and Oscar had an omelette. I was sincerely impressed by everything on my plate. 

Afterwards, we started at the flea. I was a little surprised that even though it started late [by country standards, 10 am is late], there were vendors who were just starting to set up or who hadn't even arrived. So don't be like me and be overly concerned about beating the early birds. 

I had been following the store Jinxed on Instagram for awhile. They have some great antiques and a fair share of weird at amazing prices. Seriously. I can't imagine where they get their goods to be able to afford to price things so low. Seriously. See those HUGE trunks? They're even too large to be coffee tables unless you have a high sofa. They were just under $100. I'm not sure how I resisted! They also had a box of antlers for $8 each. 

I loved this orb. You could plant flowers in it or wire it for a light fixture but it was almost $100.

These stencils were great. The large ones were numbers and the small ones were the alphabet. I couldn't see spending that much though if I couldn't find a way to use them all. 

Isn't this the cutest plant holder? It would look great outside by the front door or in the backyard.

I told you Jinxed had some weird stuff ;) But wouldn't this be perfect for a Halloween party? Note to self. 

Next, we went to Shofuso Japanese House and Gardens. Tickets were $6 per adult. We loved it. I was a little disappointed with how small it was but we managed to spend a good amount of time there. It was something we really appreciated it. We sprung for the $2 cup of food and fed the Koi. Oscar was in heaven. 

This guy was named Jizo and is considered the protector of travelers. Thought it was pretty fit.

We loved it! Next, we were off to PHS' Pop up Garden in center city. It was free to enter but they serve beer so be ready to be carded. It was such a magical space it was hard to believe we were in the middle of the city. 

I was in heaven. Plants mixed in next to industrial inspired pieces. Two shipping containers that had been converted to a mini restaurant and the other one served craft beers. They had a little garden growing off their roofs too. There were bar tables that used the top of those large spools you see on the side of the road in the country as their tabletop. Pallets were stacked to create "bleachers" and old lawn chairs were scattered about. There were twinkle lights. I was sold.

The food was affordable but be prepared, the servings were small. I had water, tasty chicken tacos, and blueberry & lemon pie in a jar. Although it only came with two tacos, I was still satisfied at the end. Oh, not only is this the cutest place ever with tasty food and beer, but the music was spot on. Funky and fun. We couldn't get enough. 

I hate to keep breaking up these posts but I can't seem to edit them shorter. I'll put the beach trip in another post. It wasn't in Philly anyway so I'll leave it for another day!


  1. Philly seems awesome! Love the decor of that diner and that orb. Were those stencils made of brass?! They'd look awesome framed!

    1. It's a funky city for sure!

      They were like a really thin metal. I should've bartered and brought them home!


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