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It happened again. I went to Old Navy. I needed some undershirts [found none, bought other things instead]. And there's Ulta right next door. Sittin and starin at me. I lied to myself and said I'd just get one thing. One bag and a facial later...

I've never been a girly girl. I never knew how to do makeup. What little I learned growing up was from Seventeen magazine and friends. I'd like to mention I had few friends and most of them were just as clueless as I was. So I find it a bit surprising that I'm suddenly interested. WIth the help of blogs and youtube videos, I'm learning a lot. There's a lot of "ohhhh that's what that's for!" And general girly giddiness. There's something so exciting about new products. 

Let's talk hair first. My hair is a mix of curly and wavy. I'm always looking for the next miracle product since it needs a bit of help to do it's thing. I found this DevaCurl Set it Free spray in the small products along the checkout line. That area is my favorite because it's easier to drop some dough on smaller products when you aren't sure how they will work. I shower at night and mousse or spray  my hair before adding a cap like this one. It comes off at night or even sometimes before I go to sleep. Not the best solution for frizz but I don't have to worry about drying time. Also... I wear a surgi-cap at work so no one sees my hair. And days that I don't work I just use a curling iron to help out. 

I was pleasantly surprised with this spray. It didn't seem to weigh my hair down, had a nice smell, and it actually did its job [!]. My curls were larger and bouncier so I'll be using this for sure. I also bought a new curling iron. Mine is ancient and was a bit smaller than what I wanted. I picked up Remington's ceramic pearl curling iron. Maybe because I've used an old one for so long, but I was really impressed. It did the job a lot faster than I'm used to. You can control the amount of heat. It comes with a glove which I thought was a bit much. As well as a warning that it can burn your eyes. Um... scary. I'm a fan for sure. 

Now I remember seeing a product in a magazine and mentally pinned it for the future. I finally bit the almost $20 bullet and bought Redken's spray wax. I have fine hair so when I use waxes and pomades it tends to get weighed down easily. But with this, it's a magical spray. It sprays so lightly but still allows you to get texture. It's perfect for fine curls like mine. I am in love. I also got that hairspray for free and really like it. It has the smallest amount of hold and is a nice change from my usual aquanet helmet that is sometimes needed for curly hair. 

As far as makeup this is what I've recently bought:

If you're a ginger, meet your new best friend. Loreal's magic anti-redness. I've seen it before but always was skeptical. Along my nose and cheeks I have a lot of redness. Add in wearing a mask all day in the OR, taking it off and on, and it gets worse through the day. This stuff is amazing. The green really counteracts my redness and allows me to use less foundation.

On the left is what I usually buy [the tarte] and put on with a kabuki brush. But as much as I've resisted the BB bandwagon, I wanted something lighter. Especially with the green cream, I don't need something as heavy. I applied the BB brush with one of those pink foam brushes that you run under water. It was the perfect amount of coverage.

And I'm on a serious mission for a decent eyeliner that goes on smoothly but stays on my waterline all day. I love how smoothly this one goes on but it has yet to be tested for the all day factor. We shall see. 

But what am I MOST excited about??? My first facial ever. Ever. Seriously. I've had my friend and my sister both rave about them but it's taken me forever to get around to it. I'm so sad I didn't start sooner. I am in love. Ulta was having a special for "free" facials after a minimum $10 donation to breast cancer awareness. It lasted 20 minutes. I literally almost fell asleep in the chair. It's like having a massage but keeping your clothes on. I wouldn't mind going back for the hour long one. Oscar is even interested after all of my gushing. We've mentioned doing a once a month indulgence. 

Although I was a little red afterwards [only from the WARM WONDERFUL towel] I felt fantastic. My skin was so soft and the next day I felt like I looked really clear and just more... glowy?! It just looked a way it never did before. I hope if I can maintain a regular schedule with it, that I'll never age. Ever. Maybe I could go back in time.

Sorry about this awkward selfie.  There are no other ways. Even though I didn't have a before photo I thought I'd share this one. My skin is even better in person right now!


  1. I need to treat myself again. You look awesome. Love your hair color.
    What is it with Ulta and Old Navy being close together, cause it's the same here ;)

  2. I finally bit the BB Cream bullet and bought that same one...at Ulta no less. That stuff has done me wonders. After only a week or so I'm already able to wear less make up. It's amazing!

    1. Same here! I've use tinted moisturizers in the past and thought it would be like that but it's really a miracle worker. And less makeup is always better!

  3. Such perfect timing! This past weekend I got a whole set of that Deva Curl stuff for my wavy/curly hair. I have really been liking the shampoo and conditioner but don't know if I am yet sold on the styling products. The only one in the set I haven't tried yet is the spray you just tested for me. Off to try it later today...

    1. I haven't tried the shampoos or anything yet. I hope it doesnt disappoint for you. This is the best I've found that works for me at least. I'd still suggest buying the smaller/travel version though!

  4. Beautiful! I've never had a facial either. I'm weird about people touching my face, so I'm always afraid I'll spend a ton of money on something I'll hate! I'm a huge BB fan. I just use a light BB cream as my foundation. It looks better in the summer when I don't have such dark eyes. Maybe that's just the lack of sleep from the baby but seems like fall/winter are always bad for my face.


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