my first birchbox

Let's call it an early Christmas gift. To myself. But I love gifts [giving and receiving]. I love samples. I love makeup. So you're telling me that I pay $10 a month and surprise goodies are shipped to my doorstep? Well slap me silly and call me Sally. And sign me up. 

The signup process was really easy. I was told I was on a waitlist but I think that's the autoresponse. I got an email the same day saying I was off the waitlist and on 'the' list and my box was on it's way. I liked that there was a small quiz after signing up that asked questions about my hair, complexion, skin type, etc. Don't skip this step! It asked what I wanted a lot of and what I wasn't interested in. I saw that my answers were reflected in my package as well.

The packaging was pleasant. There were smaller boxes within the main box and a baggie. It kind of drew the excitement out and I liked that. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount and quality of the goodies I received for only $10. 

The pore minimizer serum on the left is by far my favorite in the package and screamed dolla signs. It went on and made my skin really soft without making it oily. The cleansing gel wasn't too impressive but I appreciate anything travel size these days so I'll be taking it with me to Philly. 

I haven't used this yet but I love the fact that they took my curly hair into consideration. I would've been so bummed if I opened it up and found something for thick or straight hair. It just felt more personal and I appreciated the effort. 

The chapstick was alright. It didn't seem better than the usual chapstick I use but it's fine enough to keep in rotation. I'm a cherry chapstick addict though when cold weather strikes and I don't think I'll ever be able to shake that childhood habit. I was intrigued by the Stainiac as I've seen the Benetint before. I was hesitant since my skin is super fair but it was surprisingly the perfect amount of color. I liked it on my cheeks the most but you can use it on your lips as well. 

One thing that I really liked was the little cards they included. One specified what everything was, the price for a full sized product, and details on use. This came in handy for the cleanser that had instructions in french on the bottle. They also added a coupon for one of the products and if you buy through the Birchbox site you earn 'points.' 

Overall I was really pleased and am looking forward to future boxes. Also note that they have boxes for men at $20 a month. I think it would make a fun gift- just remember to cancel after a month unless you want the service to continue. It's a great way to test out products without committing $20 on one bottle of ____.  Let me know if you've tried it out and how you liked it!


  1. Wow, what a cool idea. Getting surprised with some beauty presents once a while is pretty special ;)

  2. I've been debating doing this as well! It seems so fun! I also learned that Ulta has a pretty generous return policy. I think that has also given me a lot of freedom in trying new products. You can also always ask for samples in most places like that...I'm slowly learning these beauty secrets and its definitely save some bucks!

    1. I have yet to get some samples... I need to get on that!

  3. I've really been wanting to try that. I fear that I will become addict to expensive beauty products over time though.

    1. After getting Oscar's box, I'm a bit on the fence. I would like to try popsugar and ipsy but I'm on waiting lists. But I want to keep on with birchbox to see how I like future boxes! I'll keep everyone updated


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