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When we stayed a weekend in Philly, Oscar and I took a day trip to Cape May, NJ after many locals mentioned it. We looked forward to a more relaxed vibe and really any excuse to see the ocean is a good excuse in my book. It took us just a few hours before we had our toes in the sand. 

We stopped for breakfast at Dock Mike's and I hate to say we were pretty disappointed. Maybe because we had eaten really well the past few days. It's fine if you just want a place to eat quickly it just left us wanting more. It's also cash only and there's an atm on site if you're in a squeeze. 

After breakfast we made a dash for the beach. We checked out the lighthouse first although we didn't go up it. Swimming wasn't allowed at the beach but that was fine with us. It was too cool for that so we sat on the sand and later collected stones. That's when a local came by and told us of 'sunset beach' where coal from a far away coal mine was washed up onto the beach as diamonds. We raised eyebrows at each other but that didn't stop us from checking it out. And googling it. 

It was more like stone beach but we enjoyed the "hunt." Turns out, it's quartz pebbles that have everyone scurrying in the sand but we loved the collecting that ensued. 

We checked out the few local shops that were by sunset beach before heading toward the boardwalk. Sometimes I do lot's of research beforehand [I did] and sometimes we chuck that out the window [ditto]. So dropping blood sugar levels lead us to Cabana's. It had a sandy floor kind of vibe with open doors that made you think you were sitting outdoors without the glistening or arm pit stains. Don't judge. It happens. Their burger was surprisingly amazing. I have high burger standards and didn't expect much from this place and boy did they prove me wrong! Oscar had the cuban but said the sauce was super strong in the mustard department. 

This may be hard to believe but by this point we were exhausted. We had spent a lot of time walking under the hot sun on the beach and we were kind of done. Fur baby home sick. We headed home only stopping for some fresh flowers to take home at a roadside stand. Not long after is when we realized that my gps was trying to take us on a ferry. That cost $44 per car. I'm not kidding. Apparently you have to tell it to avoid ferrys as well as tolls. I huffed at the thought of spending that kind of money and promptly turned the car around. Only to add 2 hours to our arrival time. I had assumed there was a bridge. Gotta love research, eh? So even though I'm only 4 hours from Philly, it took us 7 hours to get home. Boo. I hope someone in the bridge building market out there is reading this. You could do well in Cape May.

On a cheerier note... look at the pretty things I brought back with us from Philly:

We are in love with these mugs. We snagged them at the Japanese Shofuso garden and have been infatuated ever since. We also found this adorable ceramic lovely:

When we were at the flea I found lot's of small goodies. I was in a pretty pricey booth and saw some skeleton keys. I hesitated asking since her prices were so high but then she came back with "ummm... how about a dollar?" What?!! I couldn't get Mr. Washington out fast enough. 

And I have to tell you this story. The next booth had lots of antique finds that were small which tend to be my favorite. I was flipping through some old postcards and something small that was sitting on top fell on the floor. I picked it up and put it right back in the basket without looking at it. Then it happened again. And by the third fumble to the floor I looked at it. You have got to be kidding me. I'm in Philly and I find this mini photo album of photos from the Shenandoah Caverns. Right from my hometown. It's like God was "HEEEYYYY YOU!!!!" And I was like whatever man. And then I bought them. It was fate. And they'll look adorable in a shadowbox!

And then I stumbled upon this find. It's significant because my father tells stories about how he worked as a shoe salesman for Sears wayyyy back in the day before [I think] joining the air force. It's a shoehorn for those uneducated in the art of shoe-putting-on. I totally felt like daughter of the year for finding it and have been holding out giving it to him. His birthday is on the horizon. Oh and he doesn't read blogs. Or turn on a computer. So we're safe. Unless you tell him. Which would be super un-cool. 


  1. Those mugs are really cool! They would look great in the cabin I will own one day...xo Kristin

  2. i've never been there and it looks so beautiful!

  3. I totally have driven for hours to avoid tolls, too. While I meant to avoid the toll, I didn't mean to add the hours to the trip. Probably not my best decisionmaking moment, but it is the principle sometimes!

    1. Why must there be tolls?! I thought that's what taxes were for. :p

  4. I love Cape May and we actually go to Avalon NJ every summer which is very close. It's such a great area of the Jersey Shore. Love old keys ;)

  5. Looks so beautiful. I've heard wonderful things about Cape May. That shoe horn will be an awesome gift for your dad. Daughter of the year!!


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