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My best friend married my cousin on October 12 of last year. Two years ago, Oscar and I got hitched on September 24th. Needless to say, Kate [my bff] naturally thought of us when booking their anniversary getaway. Since we all get along and enjoy each other's company, it was a no brainer. We made plans to stay on Chincoteague, a place that Kate and I had fallen in love with during a day trip while hanging in Ocean City. 

We are head over heels in love with this place. Unfortunately, we were effected by the government shutdown. So national parks were a no-go. Which means the only actual beach on the island that was seaside wasn't open. So so so lame. So we took an hour drive to Assateague island- a state park beach to get our ocean fix. It wasn't that bad to deal with but because we had to delay our trip [kate's new job had less flexibility with our september date] we were also battling with closed shops due to the end of the season. I was kind of baffled by the only coffee shop being closed and was a bit bummed by some odd hours but overall it was a fantastic trip. We can't wait to go again [in hopes the government gets their stuff together]. 

The Assateague state park has an entrance fee for the beach but since it was Sunday it only cost us $5 per car. There's a shop, a restaurant, and clean bathrooms. Not to mention beachside camping if you wanted. I wish we would've known about the restaurant before but now we know for next time. We had brought our lunch and enjoyed it on the beach. I also didn't get a burn which is something to mention. Woot woot! 

We stayed at Comfort Inn & Suites and I forgot to take pictures. But it was a very standard hotel and yet we were so pleased. It was uber clean, the breakfast included warm items and a large variety, and every room had a balcony [ours faced the bay]. Our room had two doubles, a dresser, bathroom, small kitchenette with fridge, full size ironing board, and an office space that even included a couch, coffee table, and chair. We were blown away with what was included for how little we paid. Also, there's an outdoor and indoor pool [open until 11 pm] and breakfast lasts until 11 am. I suppose it's the little things but we were just overall impressed and happy. 

If you aren't familiar with the island, let me paint you a picture. It's a very small island with a coastal vibe. But it still maintains that small town atmosphere that we find so charming. You can rent bikes [or a scooter] and really get around everywhere.  The pace is slow in the best way possible. There isn't a grocery store but there are plenty of smaller shops and gas stations to find what you need. There are many local shops with only a few chains sprinkled in. Oh... and there are horses. Just chillin. Depending on the time of year, the ponies can be found on Chincoteague or Assateague. It's super charming. This place is good for the soul. 

We ate well and really enjoyed Sea Star Cafe for a light lunch. They had a ton of sandwiches and some salads. I grabbed the shrimp salad croissant sandwich and was very pleased. Oscar liked their special panini. We really really wanted to eat at Woody's Beach BBQ. Seriously. This place had charm down to an art with a run-aground ship, hawaiian shirts on a line, and twinkle lights you can imagine my salivation. Unfortunately, we waited to go until our last day and they had some funny days off thanks to the off-season. I was super bummed so it's on our to-do list for when we return. 

Our last night we got seafood to go from a place on the main drag. We ate out back by the bay on some picnic tables. Although we weren't supplied a waitress since it's a to-go kind of thing, they lent us some wooden mallets and other much needed crab paraphernalia under the honor code of returning it afterwards. We thought that was really nice. We dug into some amazing food just as the sun was setting. It was the highlight of our trip for sure.  

I hope it's a trip you can make because it was so much fun for us. One of those soul cleansing moments you need every now and then to stop and smell the ocean!


  1. Looks like such a fun trip! Bummer that so many places were closed. It looks beautiful though!

  2. what a gorgeous place! it's not too far from me- one day maybe i will go!

  3. Beautiful! Looks like an amazing time even with the shut downs.


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