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In honor of Kate and Bob's wedding anniversary, I asked her to share another snippet of their wedding and she happily obliged...

As we’re fast approaching our one year wedding anniversary [!!] I figured I’d share another one of the gazillion projects we tackled for our big day – our stenciled sandwich board signs. These rank super easy on the diy scale and can be pretty darn cheap too, depending on what supplies you have on hand. 

Luckily for us, I always have my eyes peeled for bargains, discards, and free shit. This paid off majorly one day while on our way to the grocery store… I may or may not have gasped aloud and shouted for Bob to turn the car around when I spotted a HUGE pile of gorgeous, old weathered wood on the side of the road, like it was garbage or something. After getting the okay from the elderly lady who lived there [who probably thought I was off my rocker] we loaded our car up and headed home – who needs food anyway??

After getting all our wood unloaded, we began cutting the boards down to size. We were going for an imperfect, staggered look so we alternated between making them 26, 28, and 30 inches. 

We picked up a pack of pickets [say that five times fast] from Lowes, which came to about a dollar per picket. We decided to make five signs – each with two sides, requiring two pickets per side, for a grand total of twenty pickets needed. 

We laid out all of the boards, being sure to stagger them and mix the different colors and tones of the wood, and then we screwed them in place. And when I say “we” I mean “Bob”. Once all of the sides were done, it was time to attach them so that they could create the desired sandwich effect and stand up. We picked up these dinky little hinges from Lowes, which got the job done. We didn’t need anything heavy duty, just something to hold them together and something small enough to fit on the pickets. 

Next, it was time to decide what fonts and what words we wanted on each sign. We planned to have these strategically placed throughout the park to help our guests find their way. We ended up doing “Balzer-Sebring Wedding”/”Drive Safe <3”; “I do’s”/”Best Day Ever”; “Reception”/”Thanks for Coming”; and “Eat, Drink, and Be Married”. This meant a whole lotta stencil cutting for my dear husband, but he’s a champ and got it all done in one day!

Next it was finally time for me to pull some weight and do more than plan and boss ;) I laid out and spaced all the words on each sign and then painted them on using my hubby’s fabulous stencils and a pouncing technique with my brush. 

Here’s one all finished! I’m not sure why we only have pictures of the “Best Day Ever” sign, but I don’t really mind because it is my favorite one :D You’ll just have to take my word for it that the others existed.. 

And here’s us with our favorite sign after the ceremony was over and everyone had cleared out and the sun was just starting to set <3 

Fun fact: after the wedding chaos was over, we took this sign apart and rehung it in our bathroom. It’s my favorite piece of art, ever.

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  1. These are too cool! I have a sandwich board chalkboard that I made, but I love the idea of using barnwood or weathered boards to make more.

    1. That's awesome! I think they would be great for a party or something that needs arrows and directions too

  2. That is so cool and I love that you hung it up afterwards. Such a great idea!

  3. I love the idea of making them stand up! We did something similar for my friends wedding too!

  4. your dress is stunning! and i love the sign design, too! :) love the easel style!


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