vintage kantha quilt

I've always wanted a quilt. Unfortunately, if they're in decent shape they're pricey. And I don't sew. And as my style has evolved over time, I'm moving away from a country feel to a more ethnic kind of look. I love the idea that something came from far away. The colors also remind Oscar of his Guatemalan heritage which doesn't hurt. After a lot of Etsy stalking, I stumbled upon this shop

Trust me about this shop. Yes, the shipping will hurt. But if you're looking for Kantha, it can be pricey and most quilts are a twin size [and usually measured by centimeters or inches]. It's hard to find something affordable in a larger size which is exactly what I wanted. I think ours was around $80 but shipping pushed it over $100. We bought a king size even though our bed is a full. I wanted it to spill over the edges and cover the sides. Plus, I am known to be a cover hog and with our full size blankets, Oscar often ends up cold in the middle of the night.

Kantha is the art of piecing used sari's together. In India, when a Sari get's a hole, it isn't thrown out. It's patched with another colorful piece of sari. This creates a fun colorblocked smorgasbord of bold colors and gold laced trim. 

I love the color. The detail. The way it doesn't scream "Ikea" [not that I'm against Ikea]. I just appreciate the originality of the piece. The one-of-a-kind value it has. It's very light but does a really good job of keeping you warm. Perfect for fall or spring or as a supplemental blanket during the winter. We are always dragging our blankets from bed to couch and it's perfect for my mornings that are full of slow coffee drinking, magazines, and instagram. We can see ourselves buying a ton of these. They fold pretty flat, and machine washable, can be used for picnics or snuggling [or a bedspread] and are bang for your buck. 

And now for some obligatory animal shots...


  1. if it disappears in the middle of the night and you happen to see it on my blog..... it wasn't me. i have one stashed away JUST like it. ;)

  2. It is gorgeous and I agree you need to have some obligatory kitty shots in every post. So freakin cute!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Amber! Hope everyone is settling in with the new baby and that the big sister is adjusting well!

  4. love it Caroline:) I adore vintage textiles.


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