entry way mirror makeover

The last time I decorated our entry way was not long after we moved in. Since then, my taste in design has changed dramatically. I've gone from a shabby chic/ country direction to more of modern/eclectic/global. How's that for adjectives? See for yourself.

All of it is no longer doing it for me anymore. I'm currently working on making over the table [which is giving me a run for my money]. But I've been looking for the perfect mirror for at least a year now. Not actively but one of those things that's always been in the back of my mind. I ran across this one from Urban Outfitters. 

But I wasn't a fan of the $64 price tag or the little ring on top. But it was the right shape, size, and color so I awaited the big Christmas sale. Then I went into Lowes for some paint and while waiting I found this. It was perfect.

The size. The shape. Spot on. It's substantial in visual weight. The lines are perfect. ....And the price! It's regularly $39 but it's on clearance now for $14. I couldn't believe it. As soon as I got home I taped it off and grabbed some craft paint I already had on hand.

But it wasn't enough color for me. This picture is a bit too flattering but it really fell flat in person. So I went back to my craft stash and pulled out the ever trusty liquid leaf in classic gold that I last used for these babies

"entry way makeover"

"lowes mirror makeover"

I'm crazy in love with the results. I have to stop every time I walk by. I can't wait to see the space come together one last time. It's such a small change but it makes the space feel so much more 'me.' Now if I could just get myself together and call someone about my ugly front door! Really?! Who wants to do it for me?!!


  1. Oh man! I love the gold and the little bit of texture in it, it's beautiful!

  2. Love the mirror and it's shape. And of course I agree with Cassie.

  3. I LOVE THAT! I always forget that Lowes has so much more than just screws and paint. The shape of that mirror is fantastic. The gold is so rich! Great choice :)

  4. Such an improvement! I am really liking your new style, whatever you call it!

  5. Adorable! I love the gold choice too. I think I'll stop by my Lowes and see if I can find some. I had an IKEA fail on Tuesday over some mirrors, so we are searching for plan B. Thanks!

  6. oh, liquid leaf...it had a special place in my heart. What a great score!

  7. Okay - so I realize I've already commented on this post but I've been dreaming about a mirror and realized that a few days later the shape I want comes back to these. You've planted the seed...I MUST find one!

    1. Thanks! It says online that its on clearance until January or something so you shouldnt have a problem!

  8. 14?!? That's a crazy good deal! The shape is so unique too. I think I might just need one for my guest bathroom :)

  9. Looks great! I love the shape you picked out : ]


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