how to wrap gifts: a tutorial

My parents have a huge table in the basement. Dad uses it for projects but as far as I'm concerned, its main purpose is for wrapping gifts. My mom buys for the family but Dad always gets her goodies and he isn't known for his wrapping know-how. I have no idea what he did before I came along but luckily for him, my mom passed her super wrapping skills onto me. Ladies, please feel free to send this link to your other half if they're anything like the majority of men in my life!

There's plenty of ways to wrap a present, as with most things in life, but here's a simple photo-heavy post for you visual learners out there. I tried to dumb it down and make it easy to understand. Not that you need dumbing down ;]

First up is sizing your paper to fit your box. On the shorter ends I allow for an inch or two. You want to fold it up and it needs to cover just over the halfway point so you have overlap. For the other direction you can just eyeball it or do this:

I like tape. I think it has something to do with my father's nazi-tape regime that I grew up under. Regardless, if you're a beginner, tape is your friend. I tape the center line down right in the middle. I then pull the paper taught so it's tight and tape the other side down on the center. Crisp edges are your friend!

Next are the short sides. There's two ways but I figured I'd show this one. Pinch in the sides and make creases along the edges.

Fold 'em down and tape!

And for your entertainment, if you please, a bow. [remember to start with your package upside down]

Hope that helps for any present wrapping challenged folks out there! 


  1. Wow, you are good at taking tutorial photos. Love it!

    1. Thanks! You should see what I had to do to my place just to get decent lighting :p

  2. Picture perfect wrapping job. I suck so much at gift wrapping. It always looks like a 2nd grader "tried their very best." lol... pathetic really.


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