christmas decor in the kitchen

I know, you've seen a lot of this kitchen lately. But this is the part I've been waiting to tackle all along and now that business is done, I can have fun. Styling our open shelves in the kitchen is probably one of my favorite things to do. I went through all of our old decorations and scrounged around for some other stuff in the house. I only bought two things so I feel pretty proud about that. 

Because I used a lot of what we had on hand, the colors are pretty out there. There's the yellow that was already pretty prominent and I added touches of red and gold. Nevermind the green and blue that got thrown in. It's a party. 

Ornaments are pretty much my favorite thing to decorate with. I already have them and they look so shiny and classic in bowls of all kinds. The candy canes are just as simple and pack a punch with color and pattern. The greenery are just snippits from the bottom of our Christmas tree. 

I had leftover pinecones from last year and used those sprinkled around the house. I bought the snowglobe at Target after lusting for it ever since I saw it. I mean, it's adorable. The ribbon in the glass jar is by far my favorite. It's so simple, easy, fun and vibrant. Jingle bells are another item that you can find all over my home. I'm currently waiting for some wool pom poms to arrive which will really help in the festive department. Bummed out that shipping has taken so long :(

I got that tree print thanks to Brickyard Buffalo awhile ago. It's gold that has a lot of yellow in it and it's just perfection. I can't seem to find the artist so please, tell me if you know! Below, I used more ribbon and ornaments. I also filled a jar with sprinkles and it makes me so happy it's a bit ridiculous.  :) The red recipe box is Martha Stewart. I got it at Macy's with an old gift card so it was technically free ;) I slipped in a red cookie cutter too. 

So there you have it! I've been dying to share my mantle but am waiting on some technicalities before I do. Let's hope I can get that to you this week!  


  1. So festive! I love how it is all bright and happy, yet has just enough "Christmas" in it. Perfect!

  2. I love how simple and subtle is it. Not over the top, but very festive. Looks fantastic!

    1. Thanks! Now it's just a matter of bringing the rest of the house up to speed!

  3. I agree with Kenz. Festive but not overdone and so pretty! Can't wait to see your mantel!

  4. Love all the ornaments, jingle bells and bows in the bowls/jars. Lovely!

  5. Love the Christmas touches in the kitchen!


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