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Has anyone else noticed the disco ball trend? It’s taking Pinterest by storm and although I tend to resist fads, I was totally blown away. What’s not to love with all its sparkliness and vogue shimmer? But I wanted to do something different and that’s when I realized that I’ve been itching to change up my mantle routine as well. We’ve had the same Christmas mantle for a few years now and it’s getting stale. So I disco ball-ed our fireplace.

This project may seem daunting and expensive but it’s really not that bad, pinky promise. First, I searched for mirrored tiles on Ebay and found this seller. I bought 1500 ½” squares which ended up being juuust enough. The shipping was super fast [like two days] and I was impressed with the quality. I expected a lot of oddly shaped pieces and broken ones but had to put aside only about 5 during the entire process that weren’t right. The pieces aren’t perfect though but that’s what makes this project so great. And it only set me back about $30.

Then I went to Target and found thick black foam and this glue. It clears dry and the tip helped control how much we put on the back of pieces. I ended up having to get two bottles. After finishing one, I used some tacky glue I had on hand and it didn’t work. The glue was too runny and the pieces would start sliding around. I’m sure if you did this with the foam lying down it would be fine.

I cut the pieces of black foam posterboard to size and used command strips to secure them. They haven’t fallen at all [and we don’t use our fireplace so flammability isn't a concern]. We like that after Christmas is done we can just rip them off [assuming we don’t want this beauty up constantly]. It’s also great that the black foam just blends into the slate of our fireplace surround.

I just went to town adding a dot of glue to the back of each tile and placing it on the board. If I thought a row was going too far to the left, I just balanced it out with the next row. It was very forgiving. And it did take a few hours to complete with some tv watching and breaks in between. Once my husband joined in it went so much faster. He would lay out all of the tiles with the back side up and place a dot of glue on each one. That way I could just focus on placing the tiles. Do this with a partner and it will be so much easier. We had a lot of fun and ended up listening to Christmas music and talking a lot. Like a mini date night. I understand our idea of date night is a bit convoluted. I'm also concerned that the side I did while with a friend named Senor Merlot turned out much better than the other [non-influenced] side. What does that say about my fine motor skills?!

Everything else we pretty much had around the house. Instead of our usual twinkle lights, we added the outdoor party kind to our garland and loved the result. Something different. The light’s get caught in the mirrors and it’s so magical. As you walk by, the mirrors catch your eye at different angles and it looks like it’s sparkling. Absolute magic. We adore it and hope you can find the time to fit this project onto your holiday to do list! Wait. You mean you don't have 1500 mirrored squares lying around? Weird.

As for the top of the mantle I used a cork board I already had and painted it white. I slapped a wreath up there and some Christmas cards and called it a day. The cylinder glass is supposed to be full of colorful felt balls. After waiting what seemed like forever to arrive, they were disappointing in size to say the least. That's what she said.

Sorry, mum.

I'm notorious for ordering something in the wrong size or just thinking it'll be fine. I need quarters for scale, folks! Do you hear me Etsy sellers?! You can find the merry printable here and the falala printable here. The votives are from TJMaxx and so is the mirrored frame. I also got the fur blanket there which I've used as our tree skirt this year. I would've loved some fur stockings to go with the glam look but I couldn't find any I liked. The ones we have now are from Target a few years back.

I know I'm a bit late to share this so I hope you're able to tuck the idea away for another year [or maybe even another season]. Have you been bitten by the disco ball bug yet?? We consider ourselves level five infected [disco zombie territory]. Scary.


  1. This turned out great! What a neat idea, I love the sparkle it adds!

  2. You have the patience of a saint! What a great project - I love the result! Must be so pretty in the morning with all of the reflections on the walls!

    1. Thanks Cara! My husband is amazed at the patience I can have with home projects. On the road is another story though :p

  3. I love it! You have been hard at work this year, girl!

    Amanda Rose

  4. This is so cute! I love that it's not permanent...even though I hope you keep it up forever :) Great thinking!!!

    Jenn @ HomeStyleReport

  5. Sparkle and shiny = pretty!!! Love it!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Oh my gosh!! I love this! Pretty genius use for mirrored squares!

  8. I LOVE your fireplace and mantle decor!! I am sooo jealous, I can't wait to live in a house with a fireplace again! -Sarah

    1. Thanks! I can't imagine not having a focal point like that- I'd fake it if I had to :p


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