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I wish I had more exciting, Christmas related goodness for you. But with my few days of being at home I've had one major thing to cross off the list before fun could be had. And oh boy am I happy. We finished painting our kitchen cabinets. WE FINISHED PAINTING OUR KITCHEN CABINETS!!! It only took 2 years ;) Totally in need of all caps, obviously.

What a relief! Here's what we still have to do in the kitchen area:

-paint toe kick [we're leaning towards white]
-give the soffit another coat of white and add crown molding to finish it off
-paint under the uppers after patching a hole [see below]
-replace almond outlets with white ones
-find replacement part for microwave
-paint large light trim white?
-repaint kitchen? or at least touch up existing paint
-new faucet

The previous owners had a built in cd player that was no longer working. We removed it and the wires just kind of hung out for way too long. We need to push them back in and patch over the hole as well as paint under there [after some serious de-greasing]. I'm only reconsidering painting the kitchen again for two reasons. For some idiotic reason, I used a finish that doesn't have much protection [like an eggshell] and it's proven problematic. I also wouldn't mind going a shade lighter since that area of the house swallows up light so easily. 

Considering there's still things to be done I'm pleased that the major project is out of the way. Now I can guiltlessly focus on things like Christmas decorating for our party. Oscar keeps going into the kitchen and singing "awwwwwww" like a chorus of angels. Oh yea. It's all kinds of holy goodness up in here. It's like a huge weight is off my shoulders. Ridiculous, I know. And we keep saying "we have a real kitchen now."

You can see the details of how we painted here and here ....and here. And if you were curious, we got our hardware from here. We wanted to keep it affordable and neutral since we want to move in the coming year. Otherwise, they wouldn't be my first choice. 

And now I get to celebrate my 'new' kitchen by leaving it to drive 4 hours to Philly in the snow. Oh the joys of being a travel nurse! Wish me luck ;)


  1. So sleek! I love what white cabinets do to a kitchen!

  2. Yahoo on getting those done! Excited to see what comes next...

  3. Wow, it looks SO good! So bright and open. You did a great job :)

  4. Looks really great!! Love the fresh white :) Definitely an upgrade :)

  5. It looks so good, what a huge accomplishment!

  6. yayy!!! Now you can relax in the beautiful kitchen!

    Amanda Rose

  7. Yay! They look amazing!! congrats!
    Kelly @ View Along the Way


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