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I've been wanting to do a little series like this for awhile. It's nothing fancy and I won't be holding myself to a schedule because I know what I'm capable of. Punctuality is a joke these days. Anyways I'm always thinking of things on a regular basis like, "oh I want to share that on the blog." But it's usually something so small it doesn't deserve a whole post itself. So here's just a post every now and then of things that I really love and that make my life better/easier/prettier.

First up is a water bottle. Kind of silly right? Wrong. Dead wrong. First of all, I'm a huge water drinker. I have always had a cup by my side for as long as I can remember. You folks that are all like 'I don't like the taste of water.' I don't get you and I never will. 

But then we got our little fur ball, Lolita. She likes water too. No matter how often I clean her water dish she is constantly lured by water in a human cup. We can no longer leave cups of water out as she will drink from it and knock it over once she's done like clockwork. It's kind of obnoxious when you forget and you hear a big wet crash. So we started stocking up on water bottles and I discovered this badboy. We found it at Target originally but have had a hard time finding the same kind since. I love how easy it is to clean and refill them with the easy open top. 

So kind of silly but we have three in rotation and constantly remark at how much we love them. 

Next up, I have a confession. I have had issues with hanging things. Mostly, curtain rods. It's like this huge mental block and although I may be able to get them up they rarely stay up. Anchors and I don't mix. They break. They get stuck. They don't go in. They are the bane of my existence. Until I found these. My life is changed. I wish I had known about these before we moved into our house. Nail in anchors. Hello.

You simply remove the screw and hammer the anchor part where you want it placed. I'm not sure why this is so much easier for me. Anchors shouldn't be complicated but like I said, mental block. Infuriating and mind numbing mental block. 

Next is a little diy art project that my friend did for me. I saw one on her gallery wall and basically nagged her until I got one for myself. Excuse the iphoto:

She had gotten several flooring samples for their new home. She used stickers to cover and then painted so that when removed the letters were wood patterned. Then she added some holes and ribbon. I love it. It reminds me of the LOVE art in Philly too which makes me smile. It's better in person but we've been battling some dreary cloudy days here. 

And... my favorite blanket in the history of blankets. I'm obsessed with this kantha quilt. We bought one size up since I have a mid-night-blanket-hoarding-tendency. It goes everywhere with me. Ya know, besides work and all. Upstairs. Downstairs. Trips. It's lightweight but still keeps me pretty darn warm which I find amazing for how thin it is. 

Those colors kill me. But another thing that's kind of a big deal for me? I have major allergies to dust mites. So our entire bed has all of those fancy covers and we wash our sheets once a week. I love that I can just toss this in the washer. Let's be honest, I'm not a dry cleaning type of girl. And although I like a heavier duvet sometimes, it's a lot harder to get the duvet cleaned and cleaning just the cover is kind of a joke when it comes to allergies. I bought it from this Etsy shop. You should too.

Do you have anything at home you couldn't live without? I'd love to hear other favorites :)


  1. Glad I'm not the only water girl out there! And anchors, yes, I hear you and hate them too. I'll try these next time, for sure!

  2. You are too cute ;)
    I love water too but my total addiction is Seltzer water. It's a German thing. Love! I'd love to get a bottle like that for all of us too.
    And I've never tried the nail in anchors I'm a screw in anchor kinda girl :)

  3. I recently read another review on that same water bottle, these seem great! I had a cat that got a little odd as she got older and started drinking anything (including alcohol) out of glasses if we didn't water her! I need to try out these anchors! I've used others in the past and we're pleased with them but these seems solid!

    1. Ha! So far she's avoided alcoholic drinks. But the dog may drive her to the bottle some day...

  4. I love little thing round up posts :). And I love your blanket!

  5. I'm obsessed with those water bottles too. I don't know why, but they are the only reusable water bottles that I like.

  6. I just love this post it is so real. I am a total water drinker, too. I will never ever understand people who don't like water.. I just want to say..YOU ARE WATER. Your pup is adorable. I am also a cover stealer and love my quilts. Thanks for sharing your little home perks!

    Amanda Rose

    1. Thanks Amanda! I think the same thing about water to myself too lol. "water is why you even exist!!!"

  7. Anchors can be so frustrating, I'm definitely going to check those out!


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