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Happy 2014! Sorry I've been MIA lately. I didn't intend on taking a blogging break but I ended up doing so. I had about 12 days off of work and I needed every last one. I spent time with family, friends, doing random small projects and relaxing. I was oddly not feeling too guilty about leaving you guys high and dry. I'm sure you all were busy too. Hope everyone had a good one. I'm still mulling over my goals, since I can only come up with a few which is highly unusual. 

While doing some last minute Christmas shopping I ended up buying these chairs. I have had my eyes on them for a really long time. I guess I was feeling wreckless. Overstock connected to my paypal account and shipping was super cheap. The reviews were good. I didn't want to wait any longer. 

I'm oh so in love and happy I pulled the trigger. They're perfect. Affordable, comfortable and lightweight. I have to say the chair had more texture than I expected but it's still such a great deal and is really nice. I love the wooden legs and I could see a nice rug underneath there for color and contrast. My husband is giving me the look right now. The 'we don't need to buy anything else' look. You know it? I'm practically immune. 

The diy art I did is falling apart. I've been avoiding it for quite some time. So there you have it! Not my dream dining room but I purchased the chairs with that dream room in mind. I know no matter where we end up I'll still love them! 


  1. They look comfy! I'm digging them :-) Don't worry - I have had frames hanging in my living room with no photos in them for almost a year! 2014 will be the year I conquer that!

  2. love those chairs! and the art isn't falling apart- it's just quirky. ;)

  3. Yippee - they look great! Nice addition to the other chairs - I was hoping you weren't ditching those. :)

    1. They are here to stay! The only way I'm allowed to buy anything these days if I vow that it's a 'forever' item.

  4. Adore the chairs. YES and I'm immune to THE LOOK too. He can't tell me what we need LOL

  5. I am absolutely loving your dining room set up! That combo of chairs is killer!

  6. Give him the you-can't-go-wrong-with-Eames look back! They look great. I wish ours were the wooden dowel base. That makes for the best looking chair around!

  7. Ive been wanting some Eames chairs for forever. Unfornately, Naomi isn't a huge fan so we know where that'll lead! They look awesome in your dining room.


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