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This could also be titled "I almost killed my spouse/cried/had a mental breakdown over plumbing." I actually expect things to go wrong when doing things even like changing out lights which we've done plenty of times. It seems there's always something different. There's always an element of surprise that makes a hard project... more... enjoyable. 

I honestly didn't have high expectations since I don't have a ton of plumbing experience and it makes me really nervous. More nervous than dealing with electricity even after a few stray shocks. Explains a lot, huh? I have this untamable fear of breaking some pipe that won't shut off and our entire house flooding and not being able to do anything except pay someone a ton of money that I don't have to fix it. But every now and then I get a hair brained idea that "I can do it myself." I don't need anyone. Hence this day and a half project that included three trips to the store.

I'm so embarrassed to show this photo to you. This is what came with the house and it was gross and old. Our water is hard and it was just to the point that no amount of cleaning could clean it up. We are mid bathroom updating anyways to prep for selling our house. And then in one week I won three online contests. No joke. A stencil pack, a faux deer head, and oh... just $500 worth of faucets from Pfister [!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]. After asking the lovely rep if I could have more than one under the 500 limit, I picked out three. 

I ended up unintentionally picking from the same line, Pasadena. I snagged two bathroom faucets and one kitchen one. It even came to around $550 and after asking for an invoice for the remaining amount I was told to not worry. "Consider it a Christmas gift." Umm, no. I consider you a Christmas miracle. A blessing. This was something we needed to do regardless and it was a true miracle to win these. Better than getting them from the Restore and worrying about missing parts. It pays to follow over 100 blogs, huh? 

I will preface this with a warning. Pfister's faucet was incredibly easy to install. They really made it user friendly a pleasant experience. What wasn't so pleasant? Removing our 20-something year old faucet. The pipes that come from the floor are copper and connected to more copper. We realized that they had been repaired/soldered and that the part where they connect to the faucet were inaccessible. They looked ancient and leak worthy so we decided to replace them with the plastic flexible kind [finding the right size was painful too]. There's going to be a lot that by the way. Plastic thingies. That thing that does this. I am no expert if you haven't figured it out and I only care about knowing the real word when I'm at Lowes and I want to pretend I'm not an idiot. They already think it, let's not prove it, right?

I swear you can't see those streaks underneath except with a camera using the flash. Gross!

Now do you see the metal pipe that connects to the PVC tubing in the middle in the first photo? Well that's the drain pipe and it didn't want to come out. Even after taking out the PVC [soooo gross] there was a part that couldn't be lifted up or pulled down. So we had to buy a hacksaw especially for metal. I wanted to choke however installed this.

Finally, everything was free and we were steps closer. 

We cleaned up the surrounding area with this stone. We found it in the cleaning aisle of Home Depot and love it. It's like a pumice stone for your counters. It can easily scratch but it works miracles or hard water buildup and generally gross stuff. There was still a discoloration but I tried to cover most of it with the new faucet. Replacing the countertop just wasn't in the budget.

We bought this putty at Ace. I rolled small balls into thin rolls and squished it into the recessed sections. I didn't want too little since I wanted a seal but not too much so it didn't ooze out. Then I set the faucet in place and used the black plastic bolts to hold it in place.

After pulling on it for awhile, that thing isn't going anywhere. We then connected our new tubing from underneath to the pipes coming out of the floor. 

Then we followed the instructions that came with the faucet for adding the pop up and down stopper. That's what I'm calling it. Oscar turned the water back on and I only had one small leak in the 'stopper' section that just required more tightening. We were amazed how much easier the installation part was then removing it! But if you need help there's videos online too. We feel ten times more confident to tackle other projects around the house with this one under our belts!

"pfister pasadena faucet"

The metal is brushed nickel and had a lot more warmth/golden tones than I realized when I picked it out. If you look at our hardware you can notice a difference but it's not a big enough contrast to bother me. We can't get over how much better it looks. We keep remarking on how much younger the space feels already!

Next up I'm tackling the grout. We need a new toilet, to paint, and add a new mirror. And that's it! 


  1. Yup plumbing is frustrating but the outcome is so pretty!

  2. ugh, we are contemplating selling our house and building and the bathrooms are the last thing that needs a major DIY tackle sesh. Love how these small changes make such a big difference. You go girl!

  3. Great job!! Looks so much better :) xo Kristin

  4. Three wins in a week, plus a bonus $50 credit - that totally is a Christmas miracle! And don't fret, we totally had those same old disgusting faucets in our house. You are braver to take pics of them than I was - I didn't want anyone to know how gross ours were!

  5. I love the lines of that faucet! Very modern and fresh!

  6. Looks great!!! I tackled my first faucet/plumbing DIY over Christmas "break" and YEAH. The new one was SO easy to install - but getting the old one off? Nearly impossible. We (like you) had to resort to straight up destroying the old one in order to remove it. It was one of those increasingly frustrating situations where I actually knew exactly what to do (which is rare - I usually wing it) but I just couldnt make it happen!

    Aaaand anyway...I love our new faucet.

    And $500 of free faucets? Giiiirl the giveaway gods were smilin' on you!

    1. I'm still counting my lucky stars... and thinking about the lotto ;)

  7. you guys are so brave to do plumbing yourselves. I am amazed. Plumbing is just so expensive nowadays.

    1. Thanks! I'm just happy nothing went horribly wrong. I looked under our kitchen sink though and I just think its too much for me. Connections to the fridge, dishwasher, and disposal. Um, no thanks!

  8. It looks terrific. I love all your bathroom updates :) so pretty!


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