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So I may have mentioned recently that I've been in a rut. It's nothing I like to share because I know I hate reading debbie downer posts. No offense to all the Debbie's out there. It's been an exhaustive, sit on the couch, do nothing and eat crap kind of rut. I even avoided posting on here for awhile. Things that were once enjoyable suddenly weren't. 

There are a ton of possible reasons why but I'd like to focus on the fact that I'm making my way out of my rut and am so happy and thankful that I'm doing just that. It gave me a small taste of what depression must be like for others. I'm not trying to compare my rut to depression. But if you know me you know that I'm an extremely chipper person who is always looking forward and dreaming big. And when I didn't have the energy to do that I hated it and myself. I hated not being me. But alas I feel like I'm on the upswing and feel motivated again. I wanted to share a few things that make my life easier in general or more exciting. Like this post but instead of home goods, I'm talking life goods. Are you still with me? You deserve an award.

We're big self improvers and love anything self help or teaching ourselves to do something. I've been meaning to learn Spanish. You know... those 7.5 years I've been dating or married to a Guatemalan. I somehow just picked up basics like cuss words, food, and where is the bathroom? I can order food like no one's business. But that's the extent and that's really sad. Especially since we want to live in Central America and have bilingual children. He learned English as we were dating [talk about learning to communicate in a relationship!] and I feel like I really owe him a solid.

But here's the thing. I'm an impatient and not a good student. It's like however he tried to teach it to me I just wasn't receptive to it. I wasn't open. Enter Duolingo. You can learn Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and German. It's crazy user friendly. There's the website but I find I like the app a lot more. It's free guys and promises to always stay that way.

Every question is different. Sometimes you are translating from English to Spanish and then the opposite. Sometimes you have to upright translate and other times you can choose from the words listed. Other times you have to record your voice and see if your pronunciation passes. I like it because it will tell you that you got something right but forget to add an accent. It takes things from past levels and integrates it into the new ones. It makes you go back and brush up on weak words from past levels if it's been awhile. I love the app and have noticed my understanding and vocabulary have really increased lately. 

Books on tape. I never thought I'd like this. The thought of listening to someone tell a story always weirded me out. But something about driving 8 hours a week can really change your perspective. I've thought of doing a book club but right now I'm only doing audiobooks and I really like two genres: self-help and comedy. I don't like fiction because I tend to let it affect my mood and get in a funk during the down part of the story. It's ridiculous. If you know of a fantastic book I'd love to hear your recommendations. There are apps for this but unfortunately my up to date car does not include an aux cord which blows my mind. 

Humans of New York. I've recently been digging and craving for more stories. For stories of people who lead very different lives than I do. There's just this fascination and wonder. Maybe it's this whole growing older thing but I've been drinking it all in. The more I travel and meet people I'm just amazed at stories and can't wait to work on my own story. There's also this story that warms my heart.  We bought the HONY book. It's a perfect way to pick up your spirits and makes for a great coffee table book as well. Similar to Post Secret in a way.

And lastly, you have got to follow this lady on Instagram [@mommasgonecity]. She shares photos each day of her boy and their new rescue dog napping. If this doesn't make your heart melt there is no help for your kind.

So any audiobook recommendations or different apps out there I should know about? 


  1. Gosh you certainly warmed my heart! So adorable! Seriously!
    And I forwarded the duo lingo to my hubby. So cool! Maybe I can get him and my son to study more German

  2. Trust me, I get the funk thing completely. But I'm glad you are working your way out of it! And those dog/kid pictures - tooo cute.

  3. The funk is totally normal, especially for go getter (which I think you are). It hits us hard in the winter when the days are cold and dark. I'm glad you're coming out of it :)

  4. Love this post! We all hit funks every now and then, but brighter days are ahead, my dear!

    I just downloaded the Duolingo app. Drake and I have been talking about learning Spanish for the past couple of years. We were going to buy Rosetta Stone when we got our taxes back HA, but now I am very excited to try this app especially since it is free. I LOVE free! :)

    1. Maybe you won't even need Rosetta! I think you'll have to take a vacation south of the border just to test it out too ;)

  5. It's OK to be in a funk and it's even more OK to write about your funk! I like reading real posts from real people in real-life situations and this post is just that... so thank you! Hopefully your rut will exit as spring comes. I am feeling mine slowly start to lift. It helps when I notice the days are becoming longer.

    And Aaron and I have always wanted to learn French. Downloading that app NOW!


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