february #give2014

So if you remember I started this series #give2014. Last month we donated to the human trafficking cause. We split our money between Fight for Them and Not for Sale. And I was super proud that we stuck with it and kept our promise. I know, one month in and I'm celebrating. But this is something we really wanna stick with and motivate others in the process. This month the choice was pretty easy. Not only is February 25 'world spay day' but our little Charlie will be going under the knife this month. He was supposed to go this past weekend but due to snow it was cancelled. 

And honestly, it's a pretty easy choice for us since animals are a big deal around here. Two cats and a dog and a lot of love to go around. We're pretty booked this month already so I'm not sure that donating our time is an option but we will be donating more than just money. We're planning on bringing in some food but I also always end up with extra towels from the OR. Anytime a case is cancelled and we opened a table set there's usually towels and other goodies that will just end up in the trash. So they aren't sterile anymore but they're still plenty good for cleaning. 

We also have an ASPCA thrift shop and we gave a ton of things to them when we purged. So that makes us feel like we can add another checkmark to the donation list. Remember if anyone wants to join along use the hashtag #give2014 on instagram or link up in the comment section! I'd also love to know if anyone knows of other animal friendly charities.


  1. Once again adorable pictures and this is of course close to my heart. Spay and Neuter!!!!
    Good luck to your little one going under the knife.

  2. This is such a great idea! Poor Charlie, I hope the procedure goes well!

  3. Another great cause! I'm looking forward to this series so much!

  4. Awwww... that curly tongued cat. Another great cause :)


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