martha's driftwood gray in the bathroom

I've been pondering what color to paint our bathroom for the longest time. I'm working with an almond tub and countertop and white vanity and floor. I really wanted gray but was afraid of it clashing or being too dark. So Kate and I went around Home Depot with white and tan swatches until we found a gray that went well. Lo and behold, Martha Stewart's Driftwood gray fit the bill. We have this color in our living room and love it. As the light changes during the day it shifts between gray and blue [and green if you're my Uncle Jeff]. 

"martha stewart driftwood gray"

"driftwood gray"

We noticed that there's much more variation in color due to the lack of natural light and two types of artificial light but we don't mind. It seems much greener in here than our living room:

"driftwood gray"

Can you believe that's the same color?! We're still very happy though considering this is what we started with [sans the border we had already ripped off]:

Not the biggest transformation obviously. We are still working on the grout, I need to hang the mirror, replace the toilet, touch up trim, and then little things like a new shower curtain and hooks. I'm so excited to be making progress though and can't wait to play with pretty things!


  1. No, I can't believe that's the same color ;) and agree with Cassie. It's pretty!

  2. I would have never guessed it was the same color but it looks great it both spaces!

  3. I'd like to see a post on what you do with the grout, the process I mean, to get it cleaned up. Not very glamourous, I know, but inquiring minds want to know ;}

    1. Yes Caitlin! I have been working on the grout for waayyyy too long and have been planning on a post from the beginning. It's required a bit more work than I anticipated and I have to admit, I get easily distracted by anything that isn't grout. Yak!

  4. It's so pretty! I love the warm grays that work well with tan undertones as well as white.

  5. Love that color! It especially looks great in your living room. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com

  6. It's crazy how a color looks so different in rooms. I can't believe that's the same color! Crazy! Looks great in both places!

  7. What a beautiful color. It gives off such a peaceful vibe :)


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