rejuvenate review: refresh your engineered and wooden hardwood floors

We're in the process of getting this show pony house of ours up to par for the spring market. There's a lot of training, treats, and general degrading expletives. "No one will love you with shutters like that. Pull yourself together!" On a whim I decided we needed to spiff up our floors and remembered seeing this post comparing Rejuvenate to Bona.

So we splurged for Rejuvenate only realizing we had to go back and get the specific mop head since it specifically called for it, advising against using cotton. We cleaned our floors really well after clearing everything out of the kitchen and dining room. This is what we had before:

Nothing particularly bad or good. Well except for the area around the dining room. I remember touring the house when the renters were there [they refused to leave although it was in their contract]. I looked down and one of the chairs in the dining room was tilted due to a nail head stuck in the bottom of the chair leg. I was so angry. Who does that?! And I was already attached to the house and knew I wanted to write an offer. I wanted to take it off then and there but the damage was already done:

Rejuvenate claimed to fill in scratches but I was pretty skeptical. Those are really big promises. We tested in an inconspicuous spot before going full force ahead.

We applied it with the special mop head stuck onto one of the cleaning mops we use [it didn't fit onto the swiffer sweeper]. You just throw it down on the floor in an 'S' motion and evenly spread it. No walking on it for an hour afterwards so we corralled all the animals in our bedroom while I dyed my hair ;)

Here's the after:

If you don't visit often you wouldn't notice anything different but it really revitalized them and brought them back to life. We just keep explaining "so shinyyyy" when we walk in. There's no sticky aftermath and we feel like it's a nice layer of protection which is appreciated with three animals in the house. The scratches though, I think the promises were too great. Dear Rejuvenate: please remember... under promise, over deliver. 

It is harder to notice but erm... yea still there. But we're just pleased to have our floors brought back to life!

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  1. They look so lovely! Isn't it amazing how you prep your house to sell and you do the things you wish you had done earlier? I totally need to try this (the floor refinishing, not sale prepping) but I'm pretty sure this miracle in a bottle doesn't extend to magically making the random plywood patches in our floor look like hardwood. Guess we'll need to fix those first...

  2. Totally makes a difference. Looks awesome!

  3. I'm so glad you shared this! I had a co-worker tell me about Rejuvenate a couple of years ago at my previous job but I was stocked on our current stuff (which was absolute crap...didn't work at all other than make the room smell citrusy). No matter what I do I can't seem to make our floors shine and we aren't ready to empty our first floor for them to be refinished (which they probably need). I'm definitely going to be getting me some of this!

    1. I'm so glad you could use this! Just make sure to test it somewhere. I don't want to be responsible for any bad results :p

  4. Wow! What a difference that makes. We'll have to splash some of that on our floors.

  5. I think it was well worth it. Your floors look awesome!

  6. The primary layer to be evacuated is frequently a thick wax covering, emulated by a cover of either polyurethane or varnish. An overwhelming obligation business wax stripper can uproot the wax, and afterward a finish more slender or ch3)2co can be wiped on to set up the wood for the following step. In the event that there are any rug tacks Hardwood floor refinishing or bits of old nails in the wood, uproot them first.


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