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For the month of March we will be donating to a cause that's very near and dear to us. Oscar, my husband, was born and raised in Guatemala. Mayans are the indigenous natives of Guatemala. This charity is based out of Panajachel, a city near Lake Atitlan [a lake settled within a volcano crater]. Oscar has talked non-stop about this place and its beauty since we met so when I heard that my ears perked up. You can read about how Guatemala's 36 year civil war hurt the mayan civilization here

One thing that makes me a big fan of Mayan Families is that they don't specialize in one area. They help with the supply of shoes to decrease diseases associated with open foot wounds. They help replace the stoves in women's homes to make them safer. New buildings, bathrooms with plumbing, mother-baby health services, diabetes education and treatment, medication, micro-loans, education financial aid, and help with food are just a number of things they tackle. It doesn't seem to end. They've also been voted as one of the best non profit charities for four years in a row which always makes me feel better. 

I like that I can use paypal to donate. That you can give a flat amount or sponsor a family, child, or elderly person. You can specify where you want your money to go although we just donated to 'general' to use at their discretion. 

I love that not only is this something that's important to us but that it's a charity that seems to be really organized. You can check out their site here or their facebook page which has a ton of photos! I think that this is a charity that we may give to more often since it really speaks to our hearts. I can honestly see us going there too in the future to help out. Wouldn't that be something?

You can see how we gave in January and February. And if you'd like to join along in giving to any cause please feel free to link up to your post or to use the hashtag #give2014 on social media. Thanks!


  1. I like learning about new causes. Thanks for sharing this is a great charity to give to

  2. I love that this is something that really speaks to you and your family! I also want to thank you for charging me to be a better more giving person through sharing these every month!

    (please tell me you're going to Haven...I really want to meet you!)

    1. That makes me smile :)

      ...and I'm thinking no. I really want to but I have no idea where I'll be working or if I'll even be living in VA then. I'm thinking if I'm settled and such that I may end up trying to get a last minute ticket. I wish it was further in the summer :(

  3. Good for you. I need to be doing more of this. Thanks for inspiring.

  4. This is very inspiring! thanks for sharing!


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