peel and stick vinyl plank flooring

So we've started work in our master bathroom. I want to keep everything simple and affordable but it has a long ways to go. We replaced the faucet and painted the vanity just like the other bathroom but the flooring? Yikes. In the vanity area, there's carpet. Not only did I find it a bit creepy to have carpet in that area but I also managed to drip hair dye on it. Twice. 

This linoleum has been curling up on the edges since before we moved in. It was on the list of things to be repaired and it wasn't but we were too exhausted to make a bother out of it. 

First, we ripped everything up which included staples and tack strips. We found some white patches that were chipping and falling apart so we scraped those up as well. 

After opening our flooring I have to say I was a bit disappointed. While I had been standing at Lowes I remember seeing a sign that literally said: "Step 1, Peel. Step 2, Stick." Now, it goes without saying that I really should've known better. I mean, when is it ever that easy? And it's flooring! But after going through the directions I quickly realized this wasn't going to be the day job I was hoping for or even a one weekender. Womp womp. 

We needed a level surface which meant replacing those patches we tore up. We had to get a latex patching compound and fill in any unevenness. Then we waited for it to dry and sanded it. Then we swept and vacuumed really well before we painted. We had to use a special paint as well. You can see why I was annoyed.... right?! I mean, this is no peel and stick job. Shame on me for telling lies to myself and then believing them. I can be so gullible.

The directions were clear that you shouldn't seal the subfloor but I think it meant more of a polyurethane sealant. It also stressed the importance of not adding any glues which was really hard for me to swallow. We started in the back of the room so we could get on with the toilet [but that's another story for another day].

We were happy to move forward but even lying the planks down took some time. Cuts were really detailed and time consuming. We used a pair of clippers similar to this to do the cuts when we weren't using a utility knife to cut and break. I'm going to be honest. I had a big day scheduled for the next morning and Oscar didn't. So he continued without me [11pm to 3 am]! I was so proud of his patience. I got up the next morning and added a few more pieces and then used this bad boy...

Another unexpected expense but it could've been worse. This is a 100 lb roller used for flooring. After calling Lowes and hearing that they "have nothing like that" we were so lucky to find it at our local Ace Hardware. I swear, sometimes they don't have what you need but I'm always amazed at what they do have for being such a small store. It was $15 for 24 hours so I used it to press the floor before leaving for the day. 

I have to say that we are pretty impressed. Now, we haven't used it enough to really give it a fair review but we're surprised at how realistic it looks. And for $1 a square foot, you really can't complain. We went with golden oak since the rest of our house has a similar color downstairs.

Flooring: $60
DAP floor patching: $7

Latex paint: $17
100 lb roller rental: $15
new quarter round: $25
trim paint: $10

caulk: $2
sharp clippers: $16

Total: $152

**The only thing that I can recommend doing differently is to use a dark colored paint as a primer. We used white without thinking about it and as we were laying the flooring you could sometimes see it when two pieces didn't line up perfectly. It's not noticeable when standing but it still bothers me. **

Since these photos were taken we've added the quarter round molding, caulked, and painted the lower trim. Has anyone else used this kind of flooring before? Any care suggestions? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Looks awesome and yes we have used this type in our basement but run into some serious problems with the seams lifting. Long story!
    But you can't beat the look and price.

    1. Oh no! I hate to hear that [lalalalallaala]. Hoping my lasts for a few months at least lol!

  2. I'm the same way with carpet in a bathroom. I just don't feel like it can ever great REALLY clean. This looks so good! Do you have a day you're hoping to list your house by or where you may move? I hope I'm not being too nosy!

    1. Haha I know I'm a lot of talk and not so much action! I'm really hoping to put it on the market this spring although time seems to be flying by so quickly and it's hard to get things done. But there's no official deadline for anything!

  3. Who knew they had peel n stick with wood grain?! It looks great. And I've come to terms with the truth that there is no such thing as a fast home improvement project. Haha. Mine always seem to take a minimum of two weeks.

  4. Wow, what an improvement! Totally worth Oscar staying up until 3am!

  5. Huge difference, looks great. -Caitlin

  6. Wow! Such a giant change in the bathroom! Looks so wonderful!

  7. I've been considering this, and I didn't know you needed that giant roller. You just basically smooth everything out with it? I bet getting it upstairs was a huge pain!

    1. Yeah we could hear little pops of air squeezing out as we pushed it along. I had to wake up my poor husband to bring it upstairs because I totally underestimated how heavy 100 lbs is by myself. Getting out of the car without him was even scarier!

  8. Holy moly what an upgrade. This looks so good. You can't even tell that it's not real wood. I love that you can clean this so much better :) Looks terrific!


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