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Just a heads up! This month we wanted to donate our money towards a shoe charity. You wouldn't think it but there are plenty of children around the world that don't have shoes. And they're kind of important. Many schools consider it a requirement and when you don't have money, it makes skipping things like education easy to do. 

But as a nurse, I'm more aware of foot diseases than your average Joe. Infections are so easy to come by in the foot department and if you're a kid rummaging through trash for your next meal, it's just a matter of time. If you're diabetic, just forget about it. 

I had initially intended to donate to Soles for Souls but after some googling around I was discouraged. There was some charity drama so to speak a few years ago and questions arose as to where the shoes ended up or if people were charged for them. There also seemed to be some kickbacks/tax evasion possibly going on and I just didn't feel good going that route. Instead, I chose the Small Steps Project. It's UK based [so if you pay via paypal you'll have to change the donation to USD] but they help kids all around the world.

There's also TOM's website that gives a pair of shoes for certain pairs bought. But I like to click the donate button and really make sure it happened ya know?! 

Feel free to share along in the comments section or on social media! #give2014 

Take care! 


  1. I hate hearing about these kind of organizations taking advantage of things. We've actually experienced something similar with the Salvation Army. Chris refuses to donate to them anymore.

    As always, thanks for inspiring me to be more giving!

  2. It is totally heart braking. Such a great cause!

  3. What a great cause! I gave to a fundraiser for Sole Hope recently- I think that's a neat charity too!


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