shut the front door, no really.

Hello! I apologize for my recent absentness. We're making a lot of progress on the house but it's really boring things like painting doors, trim, and replacing plastic fan covers. Rivetting. One somewhat big [in payoff at least] project we recently tackled was the front door.

We actually have a brand new front door sitting in the garage. But it's a little too large and cutting it to size, cutting out the hardware holes, and routing out a space for the hinges just wasn't on my list of things I wanted to do. It was hard to let go of the 16 panels of light but so much easier to work with what we had. 

painted front door

I'm so in love, guys! It's bright and cheery and just seems to make the house smile. Here's a before and after from the street:

red front door

Obviously, once everything blooms things will be better. We still have to mulch the flower beds and stage the front porch. That includes staining the floor where it's been scratched up after not being sealed, adding a planter, new pillows, removing dead brush, power-washing the house, and giving the trim a fresh coat of paint. Still, it's come so far from when we first moved in:

We've managed to really bring the grass back from the brink of death. The renters let leaves sit on it for who knows how long and it had taken such a beating. Three years later and all our seeding and fertilizing has really paid off. Painting the shutters was a great decision too!

We used Valspar's Heirloom Red and I think it's the perfect amount of darkness and cheeriness.

It took about three coats but what took forever was removing the caulk around the window before I could get started. I totally underestimated that part of the project. I used a glossy black paint on the inside of the door. I really wanted white but with Charlie always putting his grimy paws on the door, I knew it would be impossible to keep clean.

Look at that face! And look at that killer hardware. I had my eye out for some cheap but gorgeous hardware for literally two years. On a trip to a Lowes that isn't the typical one I go to I decided to just check the section. I found this gorgeous set originally $180 on clearance for $89. I think I literally gasped and squealed simultaneously. And then held it tightly all the way to the check out line. It wasn't too hard to install considering I've only installed interior door knobs.

red painted front door

One thing I wasn't expecting was for the paint to make the brass inlay pop. Our storm door has brass too. If I was staying, I would do something about it, but since I'm not... I'm working with it.

I'm going to get a planter that mixes both the red and brass [or rather, diy one]. I'm already impressed with how the paint has held up considering we're pretty rough on our doors. And driving up to a red door puts a smile on my face like no other. I love any painted door that pops but I'm such a sucker for that classic red door. I blame it on my parents and the home I grew up in ;)

Anyone paint their door a fun color? Does anyone else swoon over a bright door?


  1. so cheerful! i love the red- it's the perfect front door color! it would look great on your naked toes, too. ;)

    1. Ha I know! They're just now starting to see the sun for the first time in forever :p

  2. That color is dreamy and definitely makes your house smile! I feel like a nice front door is able to give off a overall vibe, like if the front door is nice the rest will be nice as well...not sure if that makes sense but you nailed it!

    1. It totally does! When you're house hunting you spend so much time on the porch waiting for the realtor to get the key. I want it to say my house is loved!

  3. We painted our front door red at our old house right before we sold it.....your whole entryway reminds me a lot of that house....we had the same brass on the glass; the same oak banister just to the right of the door....it looks great!

  4. Yes, I love a bright front door. I kind of wish I had a bright front door, mine is grey washed douglas fir and boy is it boring. I paid so much for that stupid door (custom size) that somehow I think it's blasphemous to paint it. Stupid thinking, right? I also really like the light fixture you have in your front hallway. It's a nice break from the usual dangling trend.

    1. Thanks Caitlin! I would be so bad and paint that sucker but I tend to be on team paint the majority of the time lol. And that light fixture finally looks like it makes sense with the door painted. Before it just kind of stood out!

  5. That red door is soooo much better! And I can't wait to see your new DIY planter. :)

  6. I agree. It makes the house smile. Love the color

  7. This is beautiful. I love the mimic of red in the pillow on the porch swing and in the tiny birdhouse. This really makes your home so inviting.

  8. Oh I love it! That color is delicious to my eyes!

  9. I love the red door! I'm diggin "statement doors"! ;)
    It looks so much nicer and the focus is now on all the wooden details! I bet it's even brighter and better looking in real life!
    Good job Caroline!
    xo, Katharina


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