homearama 2014

This weekend we took a break from the mundane tasks left around the house and headed out to take a look at the model homes for Homearama. I wanted to share some of my favorites with you. Please forgive any shoddy camera work. It was uber packed and I was happy to get a photo that wasn't blurry or full of people. So settings and perfect lighting didn't happen in the slightest. I'll be back Thursday with more too but for now, here's some spaces for you to enjoy!

homearama house exterior

rustic kitchen

outdoor fan

sliding shower door

coffered ceiling

rustic wooden floor

double sided fireplace

The first home was very rustic and reminded of us a fancy lodge you'd pay big bucks to stay in for a weekend in Aspen or something. It wasn't my favorite style but it had such great detail. The wooden floors had little squares embedded within and the double sided fireplace was gorgeous. And those coffered ceilings! Each house had impeccable trim work.

blue home exterior

wall treatment

tray ceiling

rustic living room

dining table with booth

built in bench

teenager room with cork wall

butler pantry

The next house had some cute features too like the reading bench built into the landing of two staircases, separating them. Our animals would never leave that spot. I was blown away with the amount of windows and natural light in each home. I thought the kid's room with the wall of cork was great too. Perfect for the moody teenager and their constantly rotating collection of Hanson posters. Err... what is it these days? Bieber? Sorry... he's banned. Better settle for One Direction while they're still together.

cabin full of antiques

antique living room

rustic living room

kitchen with rug


vaulted ceiling

master bedroom

mud room galley

laundry room

horn knobs

This house was probably one of my favorites. I loved the mix of antiques. These knobs are amazing and reminded me of horns or something worldly. The rugs killed me in every room. And that credenza ... oh how I wanted it! The living room chairs were leather and I wish I had gotten a better detail shot. The texture was like a tortoise shell or something and it was gorgeous. 

And check out that armoire in the bathroom. I love that mixed with the claw foot tub. The sliding door done with an antique door was so unique. 

master bath with armoire

marble shower

hallway bench

sliding door

antique crib turned day bed

zinc table top, cane chair, live edge bench

I loved this outdoor set. The cane chair, zinc top and live edge bench was a killer combo too. And I think that the settee is a crib that was altered. Did ya notice the sink in the laundry room? Did ya?! It's one of those enamel stock pots turned into the basin part of the sink. 

Can't wait to share the rest with you on Thursday. Have a great week! 


  1. I was wondering if that was a stock pot turned sink! At first I thought it was just a tray sitting under a faucet but that I was like...that doesn't make any sense! Please tell me Thursday is the YHL house!!!!

  2. Oh those exteriors are so different and gorgeous. Well the inside too of course!

  3. Fun to see these houses and compare to YHL...seems like J & S's really does have more pops of bright color and a little more modern take--is that what you thought being there in person? Excited to see the rest, and wonder if you have a clear favorite??

    1. How do I put this... John and Sherry blew everyone out of the water. There were some really tacky and themed rooms in other homes but YHL's house was fresh, bright, modern, colorful. It was honestly one of two that I could see myself living in. The layout was realistic too which some other homes had REALLY weird layouts and areas of wasted space or unfinished rooms. I couldn't believe that some homes were done by professional and working interior designers. And I was so happy that I wasn't disappointed by YHL [that was oddly a fear for me].

    2. Well I guess after seeing some if the other homes and being underwhelmed, I can see how you might worry about YHL. But, shoot-- they never disappoint!

    3. Yes... I should've known better!

  4. This was so interesting. I can't wait to see more. I was excited about the walk-in shower. I think that is a great idea.

    Some of this did not look like new construction. Was all of it new?

    1. Yes! They're all built on the same street and created specifically for this event by different builders and designers.

  5. So fun to see these houses! There was no chance of me making it across the country, and now through your post I kind of feel like I did without all the security lines and jet lag. So fun!

  6. I can't wait to see more!! I've been keeping up with YHL and their designing of their showhome, so it was really awesome to see inside the other ones for some perspective. Theirs really was so different, and so modern! Frankly, I like theirs the most but I'm still looking forward to seeing more pictures from the others. Thanks for sharing!

    1. They were by far my favorite too but I guess you could consider me blogger partial ;)

  7. I have been dying to buy a house for sometime now and these beautiful photos are not helping. I cannot wait to see more!

    1. Happy House hunting- I kinda miss those days of peeking into others lives :p

  8. Nice look of interior design it is really cool

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  9. There aren't enough words for how much I love home shows!!


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