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Please forgive me for how late this #give2014 post is! May kinda sideswiped me and I'm still all 'whha?' I mean really. If life were a car I'd be slamming on the brakes while screaming "noooo I'm not ready. tooooo fast!" Kinda like drivers ed. If you're Jonathan Hudson. Oh yea, Jonathan, I'm calling you out 10 plus years later. When the drivers ed teacher has to use his pair of brakes, it's memorable. 

So in celebration of all of my ...unique adventures only being witnessed by my husband, let's get to this whole donating thing. I will admit that money has been tight and that at times, this whole $100 a month thing can get a little obnoxious. Like, do I really have to? But here's the thing, I do. In the grand scheme of things, I make a lot of money. I have a roof over my head and although I may have financial worries, I'm not worried about my next meal. Or in this month's case, clean water. Which makes this whole giving thing way easier. I mean really... what was I bitching about again? 

I think it's not totally necessary for me to go into this one much. Clean water is a necessity. Every human should have access to it. Ummm... yeah. I used The Water Project and even went a little over, giving $115 which gives enough clean water for one family. Why not, eh? Here's another site that lists other charities to choose from as well as this one. I hope that one of these posts will tug on someones heart somewhere and that you will be moved to donate to a charity that means something to you. Take care.


  1. You are absolutely inspiring. Thank you for your example.

  2. What a great cause. I always get mad when my kids don't realize how precious water is in other countries

  3. Great cause! I feel kinda sad for Jonathan. Hope his mom doesn't read. ;)


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