weekend review: mothers day

This weekend was another one where few projects in the house were touched. But it's okay because I spent the day with my mom and it was wonderful! Last year we went to Staunton, Va and this year mom picked Frederick, Maryland. It's become a new tradition to hang out all day and make memories instead of buying gifts for Mother's day and I love it. So much easier for the person that has everything too ;) 

After picking Frederick my mom happened to do a little online searching and found out that the exact day we planned to attend, there was a Celtic festival taking place. It's like the universe knew we were coming. My family is big into our Irish and Scottish heritage so we felt like it was a sign from above. 

It was a pretty typical set up. Small vendors that we ventured through. Celtic games/competitions of super fit men and women throwing things, alternative Celtic bands, and herding dogs that were running around sheep [adorable alert]. I was proud that I tried a new to me food for breakfast. It's a bridie which is basically a flaky pastry full of a meat mixture, onions, and spices. I'm a very picky person and I always have to push myself to try new things so I was patting myself on the back for this one. I eat meat all the time but when its meat in a new form my suspicions are peaked. Yeah... I'm ridiculous. It wasn't bad by any means, but I'm not sure it's one I'd eat again.

Next, we went to a yarn shop that my mom had found online. She's big into knitting so anytime we go to a new place she's all over it. I don't mind because I love to look at the colors and pet the yarn, picturing things I would do if I ever had the patience for such a thing. But this store blew away my expectations. It was set in a gorgeous older home converted to a shop with offices upstairs [I had to go to the "bathroom" and totally used that moment to explore more]. 

The place is called The Knot House if you're interested. 

Isn't that the cutest "sign" ever? Just those cardboard letters from craft stores wrapped in yarn. Genius. I so appreciate a store that has great design. Am I the only one that constantly redesigns an ugly restaurant? My brain never stops. 

There was a couch with this huge blanket resting on it. I've seen the huge knitting needles and yarn sold online before to make something like this but it was so awesome to see it in person. There was petting going on.

Now check out that sexy door, hardware, and staircase. Again, petting. I'm such a sucker for a good wooden staircase. 

Oh and those built in bookcases! So detailed and beautiful. At first I assumed it wasn't original to the house but then the built in air vent had me second guessing that. I should've asked. 

Isn't that scale display the cutest? And the chair is so fun. It was a great way to spend some time waiting for the storm to pass. Which by the way, had rolled in minutes after we got to our car when we were done with the Celtic festival. Fate, I'm tellin ya.

We went to lunch at Magoo's, an Irish pub, which was nice. We then walked the town and I have to share some adorable goodies at a few stores we stopped in. The Muse was the first place and there was a lot of 'oooohing' and 'ahhhhing.' 

How fun is that Star Wars door mat? And all of the pottery below is by 'Clay by Laura.' 

I love the Frederick postcards that each represented the town in a different season. So sweet and a perfect thing to frame if you lived there. You can find the artist here

I was in love with this jewelry from Amira Mednick. I found her shop on Etsy and I've been drooling and dreaming ever since. Her lines are organic and earthy but oh so fun. 

I was in love with this modern day phonebook! I think you could totally do a DIY version if you were really motivated. It doesn't fit into my future traveling lifestyle so I left it behind.

We also dropped into a rock shop named Earthly Elements. We had to stop. I was big into rock and gem collecting when I was younger and my love for it is still deep. This place had gems galore, fossils, and all kinds of oddities. There was even fossilized poo which I had a fun time looking at. It's the nurse in me I suppose.

We wandered down and found an ice cream shop that we couldn't resist [check out that tin ceiling]. What better way to top off a perfect day before going home and collapsing? It was actually a Pizza and Pretzel shop that happened to serve ice cream. I totally regret not getting the sugar and cinnamon pretzel but I was dealing with a huge milkshake. I ordered the large, feeling confident and saucey. The girl did a double take and was like "okay but that's the large one..." whilst pointing at the largest cup. And I was all like... "yeah, I know." Shameless. Don't go makin me feel guilty, woman! 

So how did you spend your Mother's Day weekend? Any fun traditions? Anyone else recently discover a local gem?


  1. ok wait slow your roll. you were in FREDERICK????? where do you live? the muse is an all time favorite of mine, and you know i live 10 minutes from frederick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my shop is in frederick (way outskirts and only open one weekend a month). are you coming to lucketts?!?!?!? you would lOVE it!

    1. I didn't know you were in Frederick! I feel so silly. I drive near it every time I go to Philly [at least I think I do lol]. I can't believe it! What's the name of your shop? I totally want to go back with my friends and hubby so I will have to plan it around that. I have been to Lucketts before but I'm not going to the event [or at least I wasn't planning on it]. When is that though??

  2. So many great things in this store. What a find. I love that picture of the narrow walls too :) Dramatic almost :)

  3. I was just going to say that Cassie is so close. How cool! I went up there once already too

  4. Incredible charm all over that shop!! Also seriously cute things for sale. You and Cassie are lucky girls to have that place close!!

  5. I love the idea of events more than gifts - so much more fun! And those pics are amazing, I just want to dive right in and be there with you. :)


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