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Our wedding: everything you ever wanted to know and probably more.

It was the bestest day ever. And I'm assuming that I get to say that until we have babies. But really, it was just plain fun. Well... a little stressful but, once the I do's were said, all was good.

I suppose I should back up. Oscar and I dated for several years before we ever lived together. The first year consisted of the summer we fell in love, and me going back to school 3 hours away for another semester. I finished the semester and took off for about a year to figure out what I wanted to do. He was working and I was living at home. I went for nursing school so that was two years of my life that is a haze of flashcards and tears. Seriously, I had no life. I saw him a day and a half every week. It was rough. I couldnt even imagine working during that time so I stayed at home.

When I graduated with a job, I couldnt wait to buy a home with Oscar. Unfortunately, although the market was fantastic, we had very little luck. Everyone was sour over what their new home worth was and wouldnt work with our poor [literally] souls. After our fourth offer on a short sale [a year into our search], we struck gold. We are so glad all the other deals fell through because this was the best house by far.

The summer we moved in, it was our four year anniversary. I remember making ravioli and oscar made margaritas. Kinda an odd combo, eh?

Oscar came down in his tank top and a tie. This normally would raise eyebrows, but after four years, I was oblivious. I was sidetracked with my cooking and he pulled me away. Kept saying nice things to me and how he saw us in the future. blah blah blah. no really. That's awful but Oscar says reallly sweet things quite often. Which is why I didn't see the ring coming. 

Our engagement wasnt too much of a surprise- we had known very quickly that we wanted to be together forever. But he did sneak that one on me. 

 Skip forward a year: we were getting married at The Museum of the Shenandoah Valley. I never knew this lived in our downtown area and drove by it all the time. It's a hidden little gem. Think decorative ponds, statues, fountains, stone walls with ivy growing over them, benches here and there, ducks, and little uneven pathways of brick  leading you to romantic enclosures.

They were really helpful and flexible with us. It had rained for a week and a half before our big day. And with an outdoor wedding, my fingernails were nubs! I kept telling myself it didnt matter, that inside would be fine, but really, it wouldn't- not with me! I loved the ambiance the garden had. It was beyond magical. We did have to move the location of some events, like cocktails, due to soggy grounds. But no one seemed to mind. 

Now prepare yourselves for a photo dump.

A ring pillow made by my bff:

Where we said "I do:"

I'm not known for my liquid courage, but I tried:

I love this one. It's my father giving Oscar quite the look after I've dragged him down the longest aisle ever:

The wedding party:


Our favors were so fun [and a big thanks to my sister for basically doing everything to make 'em]. I made these labels with the help of my bestie and cousin using Microsoft Word. We used oldies inspired song titles: Hot fun in the summertime, Hunka Hunka burnin' love, and Light my fire. We used this super simple recipe that people are still raving about!

Our doggie bags consisted of simple paper bags and kraft chinese to-go boxes. Our catering company was a-ok with us taking leftovers. I used our two fonts: georgia and jane austen to type up the menu on them. I used a tag punch for the name cards and a paperclip to secure it that tied in with our invites. Our color scheme included navy, chartreuse, and kraft brown. I'm a sucker for that kraft/ burlap stuff. Our napkins were even burlap-y but were super soft. We used our food catering company as the rental company to keep things simple. 

I took a risk with our flowers and it paid off. I internet ordered the hydrangeas as well as the simple leaves you see in there. I had ordered some before for my sister's baby shower and had been really pleased with the quality. There's a lot of packaging involved but:
1. free shipping for orders usually over $100.
2. many sites with many reviews to choose from.
3. they let you know how many days before your event you should have them delivered.

We played around with fake hydrangeas to determine how many stems we needed. We then priced different websites. Update: I found the old invoice. For 110 hydrangeas, 20 baby's breath, and 40 stems of hypericum berries the total came to $362.08.

For the bouquets, we used a local flower shop. Very main street ideaology and great customer service. I really wanted peonies but knew that they were pricey. Turns out they weren't even an option for that time of year [we got married September 24, 2011]. I honestly don't remember the name of the flowers we used but they were simple, white, and had the same lines that reminded me of peonies. They were interspersed with some green-y chartreuse-y berries. We also bought the baby's breath that you see in the picture above to fill in with the hydrangeas. 

We had 5 bouquets total for a total of $277.99. They wrapped them in burlap for us and my mom picked them up that morning. My hydrangeas arrived a few days before the wedding. We cut them according to directions, placed them in large  mason jars that we had already decorated with burlap, linen, and twine. We then stored them in our only cool place- the garage. They held up beautifully and I loved that they were so big and fluffy that you only needed 3-4 stems per jar. I also liked that I had a bit of diy but that I didn't diy all of it- so I wasn't super stressed out with to-do's before our I-do's. 

If you're loving our photography, I can't blame you. We suckered my Californian cousin into a family rate and man, I am so lucky. Our family is full of the artsy kind and I even have another cousin that's a photographer. However, he was busy being a groomsman and all so it was an easy choice ;]

I have faith that you can pick him out. 

As you can see, we kept the clothes really simple and relaxed. I wanted people to have fun and not feel stuffy. I also wanted everyone to be able to use their clothes over again.

I loved the girls' dresses. They were midnight blue all by the same designer. And they were the same fabric in different cuts. I thought it was really cool that the got to pick something that made them comfortable since usually its a one size fits all kinda deal. They did balk at the prices but when I picked them out, after doing a lot of looking online, I thought 150-200 wasnt bad. According to them, I was wrong. But look at them?? Arent they so cute? ...and a little stiff looking.... According to this photo, we dont like each other that much! 

Moving on... once the majority of people left only family and close friends remained. Apparently, that's what it takes to get everyone on the floor. I am no dancing queen thats for sure but man, did we rip it up. 

Is that a saying?

If those didn't make you laugh, I don't know what will. I have the coolest family ever.

ONE LAST THING. I swear. You should win an award if you've managed to hang on this long. 
We did something kinda awesome for our wedding. And it ended up being THE BIGGEST HIT. Everyone was talking about it. Seriously. 

Talk about fun. And the company was so easy to deal with- I believe they even traveled a good deal to make it to my day. It was an outdoor wedding and when I arrived they were already set up, no issues. The booth attendee was helpful and nice. Even the catering staff asked if they could get in on the action. And, my favorite thing was that everyone got to keep their photos, because I got a cd full of all the images. What an amazing keepsake and its turned out to be a great way to diy some home art!

I think thats it. For now. I'm sure I forgot something...

I'll be back.



  1. Nice photos and story. Congratulations for your blog and your family! Greetings from Spain!

  2. Spain! How awesome. I'm jealous of the siestas! Thanks for the comment :)

  3. It looks like you had a marvelous wedding!!! I love everything about it! Your face in that one photo is hilarious haha! I'm with you on that one I'm afraid... LOVE the ring pillow! The wedding location looks amazing! I could go on and on...I LOVE weddings! :)

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

    1. Thanks so much! It was a perfect night... we were blessed!

  4. This is fabulous! All of it. The photos are just breathtaking and the location was beautiful. But you, my dear, were stunning. Stole the show.

    And I laughed out loud when you said you had faith we could pick out your cousin the groomsman. Hahaha.


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