floral ampersand

If you remember our recent bathroom makeover, you might remember this pretty little nugget. 

I'm totally in love with it although it has given me some issues. I first got the idea via Elise. Her version was alive and incredibly, incredibly gorgeous. But I have a black thumb and new this would never be an option for me. I saw her project and it sat in the back of my mind for a few months.


Then, I found the same ampersand sign for clearance at Target. I can never resist that red sticker, guys. So I did what any sane person would do and bought it and continued to spend way too much on fake succulents to fill it with.

I filled it up with floral foam which was incredibly messy! I tried to not leave many gaps although the photo below has some large ones that were later filled. 

I bought succulents on sale at Michaels. I also bought a few fake plants [the bushy potted kind] and broke those apart. Those were the best for filling in after I placed the larger "blooms."

It was pricier than I expected and we have to keep the door shut thanks to Lola's extreme interest in it. But it makes me smile every time I see it :) Thanks, Elise


april #give2014

Just a heads up! This month we wanted to donate our money towards a shoe charity. You wouldn't think it but there are plenty of children around the world that don't have shoes. And they're kind of important. Many schools consider it a requirement and when you don't have money, it makes skipping things like education easy to do. 

But as a nurse, I'm more aware of foot diseases than your average Joe. Infections are so easy to come by in the foot department and if you're a kid rummaging through trash for your next meal, it's just a matter of time. If you're diabetic, just forget about it. 

I had initially intended to donate to Soles for Souls but after some googling around I was discouraged. There was some charity drama so to speak a few years ago and questions arose as to where the shoes ended up or if people were charged for them. There also seemed to be some kickbacks/tax evasion possibly going on and I just didn't feel good going that route. Instead, I chose the Small Steps Project. It's UK based [so if you pay via paypal you'll have to change the donation to USD] but they help kids all around the world.

There's also TOM's website that gives a pair of shoes for certain pairs bought. But I like to click the donate button and really make sure it happened ya know?! 

Feel free to share along in the comments section or on social media! #give2014 

Take care! 

master bathroom reveal

We've been busy! I have to say although there were several bumps in the road, we were still surprised with how fast this one went. Maybe, after three years of diy-ing and being thiiis close to selling, we're getting the hang of this thang. Go figure.

Our realtor had the brilliant idea of making the vanity area the same color as the bedroom so that it seemed more of an extension of that than the actual bathroom part. We did have to remove the carpet though due to stains in the vanity section. You can read more about the peel and stick vinyl planks here

We still have some things to do like painting the doors a fresh coat of white and replacing the brass doorknobs with ORB ones. And there's a vent missing that I need to spray paint. I know between the floor, toilet seat, and bamboo curtain that it's getting pretty orange in there but that's just how it turned out. And that's how it shall remain. 

We removed the door to the linen closet and the door to the vanity area. Both were the folding kind. In that small space we had four doors and it was making me insane. I know its not everyone's cup of tea but oh, how it works for us! We would even slap a curtain on the closet door if we didn't plan on leaving. We also have saved all of the closet doors to the house in the attic for the future homeowner. We know not everyone is an open storage kind of person.

Here's some close and personal photos. Not the best quality since that room get's zero natural light! 

The mirrors are Molger by Ikea. I wanted one large rectangle one with the same ledge but I think that one must've been discontinued. I was really nervous to do one light with two mirrors. We wanted two lights and two mirrors but alas, it wasn't in the cards but we're satisfied. I'm in love with that candle from Target. Forget the scent, the colors are all spot on. The miniature pottery? Courtesy of my awesome uncle that made them for me when I was young. I love finally having them on display. 

I wanted to go crazy on styling but I just tried to use what we already have for the most part. I bought the towel holders, floor mat, toilet seat, and candle exclusively for this room. We're missing a hand towel and bar right now. We have options but I'm just not in love yet. 

This is the light we used. We needed something long enough for the scale of that wall and it was really affordable. We're surprisingly happy with it and used the reveal lights with it.

Yes, we have a bamboo curtain. We have taken the hippie train to hippie town and we couldn't be happier. We snagged ours on Ebay, and they're harder to come by than you'd guess. You can find the towel holder here. I have to also do a full tutorial on the ampersand sign. But in the meantime, check out the photos I took before we moved in:

That's my idea of editing really yellow non-white-balanced photos. But not enough editing can take care of those shoe decals on the wall. Oy.
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